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picture of backyard of permier living community where we provide 24-hour acute care for injured residents

Our premier living communities have
24-hour nursing and caregiver service

Real Homes for your Loved One
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Since 2007

We Provide 24-hour Nursing care to Individuals who cannot live at home

About Us

About Us

Our Mission is provide the highest quality care at our beautiful residential homes in the Bloomfield Hills Area. These homes are licensed by the State of Michigan, provide specialty caregiver and nursing services to persons with acute brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, who can no longer live at home.

The facilities provide 24-hour supervision with skilled caregivers and nurses in a residential home setting. We have the industry's bes
t staff to resident ratio, that ensures quality of resident care. These homes comply with and often surpass  all related regulations and guidelines. 

The Legacy of our business is built upon the

responsibility to make other people's lives better.

We understand and appreciate that you have choices when you select someone to care for you and your loved ones' needs.  Your support and loyalty are greatly appreciated. BHCG gives you our commitment to provide the best possible service and experience to every client at all times.

Thank you for placing your trust in us and making us number one!


We have 3 locations to serve you. Our State Licensed homes specialize in 24-hour, 365 days a year, acute care for patients who require it, and can no longer live at home.  We service medical crisis, illness, personal injury, auto-injuries, and medical injury challenges.  We provide a personal sense of dignity and esteem to our residents after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), spinal cord injury, or other types of catastrophic injury.

We provide 24-hour nursing care and 24-hour caregivers to our residents, including enteral feeding (feeding tube), intubating care (ventilator assisted breathing), and other acute care services.  We provide all medication management, and also provide all the professional specialties, like physical and occupational therapists.

We provide a continuum of specialized care for people with brain and spinal cord injuries, mental illness, developmental disabilities, and other disadvantages.

We provide intensive post-acute living.  This is done in our beautiful ranch homes, with private bedrooms for each of our residents.

We serve medically complicated patients with acquired neurological injuries.  Comprehensive services are provided with an emphasis on efficient treatment, and person-centered care.


Some of our support services include transportation, case management, and other Doctor prescribed care plans.

"We provide the acute care services."

We provide customized care, which is family centered, compassionate, and personal, which is thorough and attentive to each of our residents.

We have a dynamic team, that can adjust to the changing medical conditions of our residents.  We effectively manage and communicate between our families, our medical staff, and the Doctors who prescribe our care.

We are experienced, licensed professionals, providing superior service to all whom reside at our home.  We offer 24-hour care in elegant, private, six bedroom ranch homes.  Preserving resident dignity and maximizing independence in single family homes.

You have the security of knowing that our professionals are respectful, dedicated, and committed to fulfilling all your loved one's needs on a daily basis.

"We provide the acute care services."

Specialized Care

Specialized Care

Daily Exams

We check and record vital signs, monitor all needed medical equipment, and perform a full body general health checkup every shift.



Daily cleaning, grooming, dressings, and adult activities of daily living

Daily Caregiving


Degreed and certified professionals deliver the quality care your loved one deserves.



We provide specialized programs for each resident, ranging from three homecooked meals per day to enteral nutrition (tube feeding).

Emergency Service


Our nursing and caregiver staff are specifically trained to the specific needs of each resident.  They are capable of initial assessment and immediate implementation of proper care.

Compassionate Care


We are preserving dignity with our compassionate care, customized to each individual resident. Our professinonals deliver quality care. They are committed to fulfilling all your loved one's needs on a daily basis.


Years of Experience


Residents Served


Locations to Serve You


Individual  Suites

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery




We are gratefull for you and your awesome staff at Kernway on the Lake.  Blessings to you and your family!"



Thank you for all you do for Sally!”


“Dear John and Teddi.

Thank you...I cannot go without sharing how continually grateful I am of every day, month, and year that went and will now go by upon my mommas passing...”

Lori M.


Auto Insurance


If your car accident-related injuries require you to have attendant care – whether it is on a 24/7 or more limited basis – then Michigan PIP benefits will pay the cost of that attendant care. The services can be provided by a nurse, or caregiver. Our nursing and attendant care provided in our residential facility is also covered. Attendant care involves helping car accident victims with the activities of daily living that they can no longer accomplish independently due to their accident-related injuries and limitations.


Examples of covered activities include monitoring and supervision for safety reasons, administering medication, bathing, dressing, ambulation, styling/combing of hair, other grooming, help using the toilet, fetching things for the patient, carrying and lifting things for the patient, and wound care. Importantly, after July 1, 2021, Attendant care providers and auto insurance companies can contract to provide paid coverage in excess of the weekly limit. (MCL 500.3157(10)) 

You may be able to sue the at-fault driver who caused your car accident for “excess” medical and wage loss benefits.

This is possible if: (1) your accident-related medical bills exceed the No-Fault personal injury protection medical benefits coverage level in the policy through which you are PIP benefits; and/or (2) the wages you’ve lost because your injuries have disabled you from working exceed the No-Fault law’s 3-year or monthly limitations on wage loss benefits. (MCL 500.3135(3)(c))

The cost of PIP in Michigan, which is approximately 35% of your total auto insurance bill, depends on: (1) the level of medical coverage you choose; (2) if you coordinate coverage; (3) if you choose a deductible; (4) your driving history; (5) other drivers on the policy; (6) your age; and (7) your income.

If you have your own auto insurance policy in which you are the “named insured,” then your own auto insurer will pay your personal injury protection benefits. Otherwise the No-Fault law’s “priority” rules will determine what insurer is responsible. Generally – albeit subject to certain exceptions – if you don’t have a policy, then the applicable insurance company to pay your PIP benefits will be your spouse’s insurer or the insurer for a family member who lives with you.

If you don’t have coverage through any of these sources, then you will file your application for PIP benefits with the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan and they will assign an auto insurance company to pay for your benefits. When your personal injury protection benefits are unpaid and overdue, you can sue your auto insurance company. But your lawsuit must be filed within one year from the date that the medical bill or wage loss or replacement service was incurred, otherwise you will lose your legal rights to sue to get recover the unpaid, overdue personal injury protection benefits. (MCL 500.3145(2))

Significantly, the one-year period of limitations “is tolled from the date of a specific claim for payment of the benefits until the date the insurer formally denies the claim.” (MCL 500.3145(3)



Our Locations

4085 Fairlane Drive

Bloomfield Township, Michigan  48301

3118 Kernway Drive

Bloomfield Township, Michigan  48304

1436 Kirkway Road

Bloomfield Township, Michigan  48302

We are always open, operating 24 hours every day of the year

Business Appointments and Calls are Monday thru Friday

Office Hours 9a.m.-5pm.

(o) 248-202-4900       (c) 248-202-0057 


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